Friday, 26 November 2010

Here is a collection of some of most loved 80's styled dvds. 
The first dvd is 'Ferris Buellers Day Off'. In this 1980's film there is plenty of fashion indicating the year such as the leather jacket that ferris wears, the golf like shoes, smart trousers and leopard print cardigan. Sloane wears a tassled white leather jacket which were very popular in the 80's.  

Yael Aflalo thw reformation launch

Yael Aflalo is a fashion designer of a brand called Yaya which started launched in 1992, from Amsterdam. She creates garments that she would wear herself. One day she walked into Urban Outfitters and instantly knew that she wanted to design for this store, as it was similar to her own clothing and brand. At the moment Yaya recent collection is very smart casual, sometimes edgy and the colours are mainly, brown, grey, beige, blue, green and black. These are the classic Autumn/winter colours. The collection also hold fur and wool suitable for the winter months. Yaya uses feminine shapes to fit their target market who i can see is women aged 18 plus, who enjoy fashion at a comfort. the reformation is taking something vintage and creating into new styles, they will clean them up take them appart and recreate it. these garments have to be done a year in advance and colour co-ordinated. the good thing about this collection is that the garments will be really unique because only one or two can be made from the reformation.

Friday, 19 November 2010

This is one of my most LOVED songs. I adore the Video bevcause it appeals to my 80's style and love of the decade! The Myster Jets are well known for their 80's fashion such as the braces, tie dye, Doc Martians and bright colours. In this music video the four males are in brigh coloured clothing which really fits in with the colours used in the 80's. when Laura Marling is introduced into the video she instantly brings more of an 80's feel. The hair styles and use of dance movements is really cool.