Friday, 21 January 2011

I recently found this photoshoot of the twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart which was shot in 2009. i reall love the images because they are really beautiful and look so natural. Kristen is wearing a prada dress with a red velvet bodice and a pair of cesare paciotti shoes.

hair flare

NICKI MINAJ has brought out a new craze in the hair industry area. dip dying hair. Nicki already makes a statement with her blonde hair and has recently been dipping the ends in a range of colours. even many colours at a time.

i done some research on celebrities who have dip dyed their hair. i really liked Drew Barrymores hair as it is really diffrent compaired to other dipdyes. i love the straight cut messy bob that drew has.

another person that has wowed the public with their hair is Rihanna amd her beautiful pink hair, from all the differnet hair styles and then shocking us with pink was a great move in there look!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New design project Tim Burton

I have been set a project to choose what i would like to base my work on for design lesson in college. While researching what i would like to do i came aross the idea of Tim Burton who i admire very much. You may know Mr Burtons work as being the following; corpse bride, batman returns, edward sisor hands, 9, edwood, james and the giant peach, frankenweenie, beetlejuice, alice in wonderland, big fish, planet of the apes, sweeney todd, marrs attack, sleepy hollow, doctor of doom, pee wee big adventures, fantastic mr fox and lost in oz. 
While reserching Tim buton i have became more fond of his work and how he creates his images and such, i think that his work is easily recognisable and is really interesting and different. for my project i am going to keep a running theme of his work and his design and hopefully i will end up with a finale garment as good and asinteresting as his work.
At first i concerntraited on the corpse bride but after looking in a few shops i figured that they didnt not sell many items so i decided to focuse on all of Tim Burtons work.
i have been drawing for my design lesson and i have tryed to keep the running theme of Mr burtons work like design and i hope that in the end it will be worth while.

here are a few images from the photoshoot for my extended project for college. the jacket is the one i made and is modeled by Brandon miles. these photos will soon be edited and mounted on to a bacgroung to stick to my mythical them of weewolves. To view or get in contact with the model there is a link at the bottom of the page.

Friday, 7 January 2011

vogue book

I recently went to lady hayes a vintage place, with a few shops selling vintage bric a brac. one of the shops specified in second hand books, andi came accross this vogue book, i intatantly had to by it. the book is printed in black and white but on some pagesther are large images which are in colour givin it a really nice look. i was amazed at the price of the book which came to £10.00.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

i recently went to a vintage fair and picke up some bargain material. i decided to make two garments the first is a poka dot six pleated skirt and the second image is a simple summer jacket. both fabrics were £5 each.

i thought i would get ready for the summer and made a denim crop top. u used left over denim from one of my projects and simply made it in a few hours. oh the joys of summer time.

for the fur of it...

here is a mens jacket i made for my extended project. the theme is were wolves and i thought this would look goo on a photo shoot. the pictures from the photo shoot will be uploaded soon :)

th joy of the sales

during the january sales i managed to grab some bargains!
the first image shows my fearne cotton brogues tat i ordered from Littlewoods. for £15.00!
the next image is of my bowler hat which as reduced in river island from £19.99 to £9.99 which i have wanted for months!
underneth the bowler hat is my Doctor marten boot which were also from Littlewoods redused from £74.99 to £54.99!  

inside out

here is the necklace i made for my project inside out. taking inspiration from trees, romance, music and feminime things. I used plenty of material to build up the shape. i have also used beads pearls and buttons.