Thursday, 13 January 2011

New design project Tim Burton

I have been set a project to choose what i would like to base my work on for design lesson in college. While researching what i would like to do i came aross the idea of Tim Burton who i admire very much. You may know Mr Burtons work as being the following; corpse bride, batman returns, edward sisor hands, 9, edwood, james and the giant peach, frankenweenie, beetlejuice, alice in wonderland, big fish, planet of the apes, sweeney todd, marrs attack, sleepy hollow, doctor of doom, pee wee big adventures, fantastic mr fox and lost in oz. 
While reserching Tim buton i have became more fond of his work and how he creates his images and such, i think that his work is easily recognisable and is really interesting and different. for my project i am going to keep a running theme of his work and his design and hopefully i will end up with a finale garment as good and asinteresting as his work.
At first i concerntraited on the corpse bride but after looking in a few shops i figured that they didnt not sell many items so i decided to focuse on all of Tim Burtons work.
i have been drawing for my design lesson and i have tryed to keep the running theme of Mr burtons work like design and i hope that in the end it will be worth while.

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