Tuesday, 28 December 2010

cold cold cold!!

this winter we have seen plenty of snow. but that didnt stop the vast amount of shoppers going out to grab a bargain on boxing day. it was predicted that £1 billion pounds was made on the 26th of december this year. this is an image of oxford street on the busy day. as temperature reched -12, but this did not stop the public. shoppers were grabbing all sorts of bargains and making use of the sales!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas wish list . . .

For christmas this year i am hoping for...
  •  Doc martens. I have wanted these for a few years because they reflect on the 80's and i think the are really different. i have asked for the plain black as i can match this with most of my garments. these shoes are £74.99 from schuh. i really love these shoes as they are fun and put a really edgy feel to certain looks.

  •  i have also asked for the book 'the life of audrey hepburn' i really wanetd this book because audrey is a real inspiration to me. i love all of her movies and wanted to get an insight to her life. the book is priced at £15.00 on amazon which i think is really reasonable.